Claddagh Dining Menu

Offering reasonably priced casual-fine dining in a warm friendly environment and featuring all-inclusive 3-course handcrafted meals and fresh coffee/tea service!

Soups, Salads & Desserts

Handcrafted fresh using the finest in home-recipes! (Options change regularly)


St. Mary’s Pie $42

Newfoundland seafood combinations; cod, salmon, halibut, shrimp, trout, scallops etc. (depending on quality and availability) in a silky French Bercy sauce topped with a lightly crusted-cloud of white russets garnished with organic winter harvested candy-roasted sesame Nori.

(Optional NL Smoked Salmon available by request).

Served with seasonal vegetables.

Yellowbelly Pie $39

Chunks of herbed fire-seared oven-roasted AAA beef with fresh Bella mushrooms and tart shallots soaking in a rich dark “Yellowbelly Fighting Irish Ale” gravy topped with hand-made pastry served piping hot. Served with seasonal vegetables.

Mulligan’s Pie $34

A delicious savoury vegetable pie that pays homage to the Irish/British roots here on the Avalon. In-season vegetables pan-roasted and baked with black beans and lentils a rich Mulligatawny-inspired gravy topped with herbed-parmesan panko crust. Served with oven roasted creamed corn.

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