For those looking to absorb the culture, beauty, and serenity of St Mary’s Bay, and have access to the attractions of the Avalon peninsula, there is no other choice! The Claddagh Inn welcomes you.

  • Salmonier nature park

    The Park is located on the Salmonier Line, route 90 and is approximately 50 km from the Inn.

  • The Wilds Golf Course

    Located on the Salmonier Line, route 90 and is approximately 46 kms from the Inn. It is beautiful place to relax for the day and play a round of golf!
  • Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve

    It was named for the navigational hazard it poses at the often-foggy southeastern tip of Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula—is one of the world’s most significant fossil sites and a UNESCO world heritage site. It contains the oldest evidence know of multi-cellular life on the planet 560 million years old. It is located on route 10 approximately 62 km’s from the Inn.
  • Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve

    One of six seabird ecology reserves protected by the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Park System, is one of the largest, most accessible and spectacular seabird rookeries in the world. This reserve is located approximately 2 1/ hours from the Inn. It is a peaceful and wonderful way to spend a beautiful day on the Avalon.

  • Witless Bay Ecological reserve

    Contains four islands—Gull, Green, Great, and Pee Pee—that teem with bird life during the seabird breeding season. Located on route 10, this Ecological reserve is approximately 1 hour’s drive (using the trans Canada Hwy)

  • Cape Race Wireless Museum

    It is prominently in almost every re-telling or depiction of Titanic’s final hours as the doomed ship was in near constant communication with Cape Race on its Marconi wireless prior to hitting the iceberg! The main Reserve entrance is ~16 km along the gravel road to Cape Race, which heads southeastward out of Portugal Cove South. From the Inn it is approximately one and half-hour drive.
  • Colony of Avalon

    George Calvert, later Lord Baltimore, founded the colony in 1621. Located in Ferryland, this settlement was “ forgotten” and its remains lay undisturbed for centuries. Watch as the site is now being excavated. It is located on the Irish Loop, less than a 2 hours drive from the Inn.
  • Father Duffy’s Well

    Father Duffy was the first parish priest of St. Mary’s and played a large part in the life of St. Mary’s. Father Duffy’s well is really not a well at all, but a spring of fresh water flowing out of the ground. Located on the Salmonier Line, route 90 approximately 15 minutes for the exit 35 turn off.
  • Cataracts Provincial Park

    A deep river gorge with two cascading waterfalls provide a scenic setting for photographs. Stairs and walkways enable the visitor to descend the gorge and cross the river. Picnic sites and pit toilets are available.

  • St. Vincent’s

    Only a 15 min drive from the Inn, this amazing beach will have you gazing out the Atlantic for hours. Click the link above to see a video of humpback whale on the beach.