Claddagh Dining Menu

Offering reasonably priced casual-fine dining in a warm friendly environment and featuring all-inclusive 3-course handcrafted meals and fresh coffee/tea service!

Soups, Salads & Desserts

Handcrafted fresh using the finest in home-recipes! (Options change regularly)


St. Mary’s Pie

Newfoundland seafood combinations; cod, salmon, halibut, shrimp, trout, scallops etc. (depending on quality and availability) in a silky French Bercy sauce topped with a lightly crusted-cloud of white russets garnished with organic winter harvested candy-roasted sesame Nori.

(Optional NL Smoked Salmon available by request).

Served with seasonal vegetables.

Yellowbelly Pie

Chunks of herbed fire-seared oven-roasted AAA beef with fresh Bella mushrooms and tart shallots soaking in a rich dark “Yellowbelly Fighting Irish Ale” gravy topped with hand-made pastry served piping hot. Served with seasonal vegetables.

Sisters’ Pie

Named in honor of the many sisters who lived out their lives teaching in and supporting the St. Mary’s community for over 100 years, Sister’s Pie is a hearty oven-roasted combination of seasonally available vegetables and beans lightly herbed and bedded in mouth-watering maltaise topped with a seasoned roasted panko and parmesan crust.

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