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The Dining Room at The Claddagh Inn

Menu Restrictions

All diners and guests need to
reserve their meals 24 hours prior
to dinning. Full Details!

Eating in Newfoundland and Labrador is an adventure on many levels! Local delicacies and traditional dishes are highly recommended. Having “a good feed” be it “Jig’s Dinner” or “Fish n’ Brewis”, “Cod-Tongues” or “Figgy Duff, “Toutons” or “Peas Pudding” all of these hearty soul-reaching foods will fill you up and keep you going.

Most of the Avalon Peninsula is sparsely populated and restaurants rely heavily on visitors from away to maintain operations. While the isolation is a key component of the rich culture often restaurants and cafes may only be operating from June to September and may only offer deep-fried or grill fried food. We recommend that no matter where you plan to stay, research the dining options in that area.

Here in St. Mary’s you have some great choices depending on your timing. Of-course, we recommend our dining room and the Claddagh menu for fine dining and ambiance as well as nutritious homemade and never deep-fried meals!

Your dining choices in St. Mary’s are:

  • Located between Riverhead and St Mary’s is a small gas bar and local grocer called “XTR”. It’s open year-round and offers a small lunch-bar serving sandwiches and deep-fried or grilled goodies.
  • Located between Value Foods gas bar and The Claddagh Inn is “The Celtic Knot Pub”. This traditional Newfoundland Pub has a kitchen and dining room serving up Fish and Chips, Hot turkey Sandwiches, wings, chicken and other Pub Foods. It’s seasonally open Friday through Sunday October 1 through May 24th when it opens for the summer daily (Kitchen until 8PM weeknights; midnight on weekends).
  • The Claddagh Inn Licensed Dining room offers guests three-course dining every evening by reservation only from the 1st day of May until the 30th day in October.
IMPORTANT: Please reserve your meal choice when booking your room or at least 24 Hours in advance.

Why choose The Claddagh Dining Room?

We invite you to check out the guest comments posted on: as our handcrafted offerings are swiftly gaining a great reputation! All of our soups, preserves, desserts, pastas, sauces, chutneys and pestos are homemade right here in the Claddagh Kitchen using the best local and imported ingredients. We do not serve deep-fried products while crafting SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS: we can accommodate special diet requirements such as vegetarian, gluten-free dairy-free meals. Please call for information.

NEW for the 2017 season:

We’ve learned that not all travellers can eat a big meal at the end of their day; many older folks have smaller appetites and have been asking for something to suit their needs. We’ve been experimenting with a “split-dinner” option and are delighted to offer this smaller meal to our guests! Check out your options on the menu page.

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